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Mission, Vision & Values


To perpetuate the broker distribution channel by attracting, supporting and developing young brokers in Nova Scotia.


To make the broker profession the career of choice for young people.


Pride, Professionalism, Perpetuation

Core Values & Beliefs

We believe in honesty and therefore we…

  • promote fair competition among competitors;
  • encourage the open exchange of information, ideas and resources.

We believe in knowledge and therefore we…

  • support the principles of life-long learning;
  • conduct relevant research resulting in evidence based decisions;
  • promote and support professional brokers in their growth and development.

We believe in integrity and therefore we…

  • conduct ourselves at all times in a professional and ethical manner;
  • facilitate openness and transparency as the cornerstone of the way we conduct our business;
  • honor our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals.

We believe in service and therefore we…

  • respond to member and industry issues in a timely manner;
  • provide quality programs which are responsive to the needs of our members;
  • anticipate trends affecting brokers, the industry and the consumer.

We believe in courage therefore we…

  • take risks to be a strong voice for the industry;
  • stand by our convictions in the face of adversity;
  • make difficult decisions when required to strengthen the industry.

We believe in utmost good faith therefore we…

  • acknowledge it as the root of insurance and honor our commitments;
  • adhere to a superior degree of honesty in our professional practice.

We believe in encouragement and therefore we…

  • facilitate relationship building and personal development
  • we support our members professional goals.
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