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The purchase of an insurance policy is one of the most important decisions that we make in our lives.  It protects the assets that we have worked hard to acquire, including our Homes, Automobiles, or Businesses.

Broker Advantage

Brokers work for you, not an insurance company, and offer the following advantages:


We have the expertise to navigate you through the insurance marketplace and to aid you in the purchase of an insurance product that best fits your needs.


Brokers are licensed insurance professionals. In the province of Nova Scotia brokers are licensed through the Office of the Superintendant of Insurance. Licensing is contingent on the successful completion of courses such as the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB). This ensures that the public’s insurance needs are being met by truly educated professionals.  IBANS members are also bound by the Federal Privacy Act as well as our very own Code of Ethics.

Claims Advocacy

At the time of a claim is when brokers truly shine.  Brokers have the expertise to guide you through this stressful time ensuring that you are treated fairly and empathetically throughout the process.  Remember we work for you, not an insurance company.


Brokers are located in every small town across Nova Scotia.  We are proud of our “main street” presence and are pleased to provide personal and professional service to our clients, whether that be during the buying process, day to day servicing, or guiding you through the claims process.

The broker advantage is unique.  Place your trust in a local broker, a person who works and lives in your community, who is more able to understand your specific needs.

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When you see this symbol, you can buy with confidence knowing you have found an independent insurance broker.
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