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Customer Service for the Insurance Professional (CSIP)

IMPORTANT: CSIP courses are 2 day webinars from 3:00pm- 6:30pm

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Do you feel prepared to provide top quality customer service to your clients?

Clients base their insurance decisions on the quality of their interactions with the service provider, in addition to the price and coverage. As the front line of communications, you have the majority of direct contact with clients. This places you in an ideal position to retain clients, to build the client base through referrals, and to cross sell additional services according to the needs of your clients. In doing this, you are significantly adding to the value to the bottom line of your brokerage, as well as, enhancing the public perception of your brokerage.

Customer Service for the Insurance Professional is a four part program dealing with the critical service role of the Customer Service Representative. It looks at every aspect of brokerage operations from a customer service perspective and focuses on the exact job functions of those that deal with clients.

This program will help ensure that your office maintains a consistent, high quality, customer service approach in all market conditions. It is an excellent resource for any new person to the insurance brokerage field and a great refresher for seasoned employees.

There are no examinations to write in CSIP. License level: No license change once completed.

Your instructor issues a certificate of completion upon successful completion.

CSIP Module 1: The Role of the Broker

  • Quality Service and its Benefits
  • Client Expectations
  • Client Service Roles
  • Communication Skills   


CSIP Module 2 : Adding Value to Your Brokerage

  • Selling Skills
  • Client Negotiation
  • Public Relations
  • Time Management


CSIP Module 3: Brokerage Operations

  • Automation
  • Office Procedures
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Money Handling


CSIP Module 4: Industry Issues

  • The Broker and the Law
  • Inadequate Coverage
  • Industry Organization
  • Career Development


View Available Courses

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