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Education Day 2021 - Sponsored by Economical Insurance

May 27, 2021, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM



IBANS is pleased to present our speaker lineup for our Education Day 2021, Sponsored exclusively by Economical Insurance




10:00am  "The Frog Factor -Attracting and Retaining World Class Talent"  ( geared towards management/HR )

Presented by: Sarah McVanel, Canada's Recognition Expert

Energize yourself and your workplace through this fun, informative and inspirational session. Get ready to turn your notions about recognition on their head by exploring it through a powerful solution focused lens. A proven process for self, team and organizational recognition is offered, F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others' Greatness™, inviting you to identify key ways you can begin to shift your organizational culture right away. By the end of this session, you will be ready to trial easy, inexpensive and proven techniques for recognizing others in your workplace that support meaningful connection and lasting change. Let's focus on the strategic language, business case and human case for recognition that will convince, inspire and influence decision makers. Whether you're burnt out or energized, in a boom or bust economy, you can't afford NOT to recognize...starting now!


10:00am "The Joy of the Job - Take this Job and LOVE IT"

Presented by: Jody Urquhart, Inspiration/Motivational Speaker ( geared towards CSR/front line staff )

The Joy of the Job will turn around your attitude to the workplace and show you how it can be dynamic, fun, and attractive. By adopting a humorous and fun approach to the challenges of keeping the daily grind engaging, the motivational speech, the Joy of the Job inspires professionals to be focused and productive by nourishing the meaning, fun, and joy of their work.


11:00am "One Peace Won't Hurt"

Presented by: Tareq Hadhad, Founder & CEO, Peace by Chocolate

Join Tareq on an emotional journey from Syria to Canada with heartbreaking and perspective shaping stops along the way. From sunny days in Syria where the scent of roses filled the air to the beginning of conflict and war.

Listen as Tareq shares the fear and confusion that came when violence and danger begin to slowly surround his family. Understand what it is really like to spend days hiding in your basement, praying for safety and food and medicine. Join us for this emotional rollercoaster, one that leaves you feeling inspired and resolved to make your own impact on the world.


2:00pm "Beating Burnout & Building Resilience"

Presented by: Hamza Khan, Award Winning Marketer, Best Selling Author of "The Burnout Gamble: Achieve More by Beating Burnout & Building Resilience"

According to a recent survey by Ernst & Young, one third of full-time workers globally say that managing work-life has become increasingly difficult. Workers in the United States, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, and the United Kingdom revealed that they are working longer hours and harder than ever before, leaving very little time for much else. One could argue that we’re living in a golden age of workplace stress, largely due to the changing role of work in our lives. When work and life blend into each other, how can you begin to achieve an equilibrium that supports your physical, emotional and mental health? Perhaps it’s time to resist the binary construction (or fallacy) that is work-life and consider a new framework altogether. This talk explores the transition from overachiever to high performer.