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IBANS Presents: Education Day 2022 - Sponsored by Economical Insurance

May 18, 2022, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM



IBANS is pleased to present our speaker lineup for our Education Day 2022, Sponsored exclusively by Economical Insurance.


Education Day 2022 will be hosted via Zoom. Login details will be emailed to participants the day before the sessions.



10:00am  "After Disruption: What Comes Next?"  ( geared for management/HR )

Presented by: Jesse Brown, Digital Media Expert/Disruptive Journalist/Futurist

 Education_Day_2019/Jesse Brown

For years we’ve studied and praised leaders like Steve Jobs who “think different” and disruptive innovators like Mark Zuckerberg who “move fast and break things”. But the world is finally contending with the dark side of disruption!

As a startup entrepreneur and news journalist who has covered the #MeToo movement, Jesse Brown has a unique perspective on a shift taking place in our industries and institutions: the push is on to create workplace cultures where everyone is empowered. Collaboration, compassion, humility, and patience are now taking equal space with dynamism, rule-breaking, and relentlessness. The goal is to follow disruption with creation, and to create sustainable, creative teams that aren’t looking for a quick exit.

Using personal stories, humour, and real world examples from Silicon Valley, Brown leaves audiences with tangible tips on how to stay ahead of the shifting currents and create cultures where everyone is excited to show up for work each day.




10:00am " Efficiency versus Effectiveness: Making Sure the Small Stuff doesn’t Dominate Your Day" ( geared for CSR's )

Presented by: Stephen Heckbert, Professor, Algonquin College/Public Affairs 

Education_Day_2019/Stephen Heckbert 2

In this presentation, Stephen will walk us through some suggestions about planning on a daily, weekly, and monthly cycle to make sure you get to the things you need to do and don’t get swamped by emails, phone calls, and other interruptions, etc. He’ll talk about the important of calendars and deadlines, and also work through how building an accountability team can be important for everyone, from a CEO to a front desk staffer.


11:00am "Innovation Through Connectivity"

Presented by: Kate Davis, Connectivity Expert

 Education_Day_2019/Kate Davis


Kate Davis will show the audiences how to establish, cultivate, and maintain connections that lead to productivity and success both in business and our personal lives. Whether it’s a CEO connecting with their staff, a client connecting with their customer, or departments connecting with other departments, good communication and rapport within an organization is the source of a flow that leads to creativity, quick resolutions, and a deeper understanding among staff of the overall business purpose. Staying connected to colleagues keeps things on track and is one of the most important elements to an organization’s success.


2:00pm "Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z : Working with Intergeneration Dynamics"

Presented by: Stephen Heckbert, Professor, Algonquin College/Public Affairs 

In this conversation, Stephen will cover some of the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s workforces. He’ll talk about the unplanned challenges around longer life expectancy, plus he’ll go through how social media is among the biggest challenges for multi-generational teams in terms of building understanding.