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Alleviating Exam Anxiety: Challenging Thinking

January 23, 2019, 10:00 - 11:00 AM


To kick off the new year, we are pleased to be offering a webinar on Alleviating Exam Anxiety. Almost all students struggle at some point with anxiety around exams, and we hope this informative session will break some bad habits and give students a fresh perspective on coping with writing an exam and stressful situations in general. This session is open to all members.

Alleviating Exam Anxiety: Challenging Thinking

 Anxiety is a normal response to stress but it can feel debilitating in the moment. At its worst it can negatively impact our work and our lives. Reducing anxiety takes time and practice but we can interrupt the cycle of anxiety when we know how it operates. In this seminar, participants will learn to identify unhelpful thinking styles, challenge and modify ways of thinking, and think in a more “balanced” way. These strategies will help decrease anxiety and conquer the thoughts that show up when in heightened anxiety provoking situations. The webinar will also look at preventative measures to moderate stress before it creeps in.

Your Presenter: Dana Warren, MSW, RSW

Based in St. John’s, NL, Dana Warren, MSW, RSW is a certified life coach and counsellor specializing in professional development and mental health. While her main focus is person-centered therapeutic practice with individuals, she also tailors customized seminars and workshops that address issues like communication, productivity, mental health and wellness. Her empowering style stirs people and supports her reputation as a motivating force with a passion for being useful. As a therapist with University of Waterloo, she delivered front line clinical mental health programs and intervention services to a diverse international student body. Dana is an avid hiker, yogi, and dog owner who frequents the trails of the Avalon. Her practice, DMW Coaching and Counselling, was founded in 2011.