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Being Prepared for Difficult Conversations

July 23, 2019, 10:00 - 11:00 AM


We know that brokers are having more and more difficult conversations with clients lately. These conversation can cause additional stress and hurt your physical and mental well being. We have created this webinar to assist you, our members, with these conversations and will provide tips on how to cope and deal with the additional stress. 

Being Prepared for Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are a reality of our work place but they can have a significant impact on our work and our lives. When things are out of our control, it is especially difficult to let go of the stress they may induce. This webinar will explore things that you can do to help you be better prepared. It will look at tools and techniques to help you prepare before, during and after the conversation. With hands on exercises we will define what you can and can’t control, how to consider the conversation, and leave the issues in the work place! 

Your Presenter: Dana Warren, MSW, RSW

Based in St. John’s, NL, Dana Warren, MSW, RSW is a certified life coach and counsellor specializing in professional development and mental health. While her main focus is person-centered therapeutic practice with individuals, she also tailors customized seminars and workshops that address issues like communication, productivity, mental health and wellness. Her empowering style stirs people and supports her reputation as a motivating force with a passion for being useful. As a therapist with University of Waterloo, she delivered front line clinical mental health programs and intervention services to a diverse international student body. Dana is an avid hiker, yogi, and dog owner who frequents the trails of the Avalon. Her practice, DMW Coaching and Counselling, was founded in 2011.