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Effective Study Skills - Webinar Sponsored by Economical

September 9, 2022, 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Attention all Students - This webinar is for YOU!

Facilitated by Melanie Needham, MRD Training & Consulting Inc. this webinar will focus on the Effective Study Skills necessary to all industry professionals who want to learn how to effectively continue their professional development.

We begin with an overview of personality types and learning styles. We will discuss how this affects the individual in the classroom as well as business meetings and everyday life. We then discuss proper note taking which can be transferred to education as well as business related activities. Lastly we will discuss effective exam writing skills to assist in the participants education.

The webinar will be 2 hours in length and will include numerous worksheets, group activity and a power point presentation for all participants.

A special thank you to Economical Insurance for sponsoring this webinar!


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