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A Remarkable Journey 1949-2024

Celebrating our "Semisesquicentennial" Anniversary!

The Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia (IBANS) will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary throughout the upcoming year.  

Founded in 1949 by C.D. Fraser and W. Ritchie MacCoy the Association became a way for brokers to come together and have a strong and unified voice on industry issues. When originally formed the Association was known as “The Nova Scotia Fire & Casualty Agents Association,” later becoming the “Insurance Agents’ of Nova Scotia” and in 1987, the “Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia.

We are extremely proud of our heritage and although there have been countless changes in our world since 1949 our core values and mission have remained the same. We exist to support our members and we can attribute much of our success to our people.  We've been fortunate to have those in our professional community share their diverse skills, perspectives, knowledge and talent to better the entire industry, and specifically our Association.  

As an organization dedicated to serving our member brokerages and approximately 1100 insurance brokers, we work collaboratively to provide the best value and offerings possible to ensure their future success. 

"As we celebrate our history it gives us the chance to reflect on our past and the countless number of individuals who have helped to shape it,” states Rhonda Kelly, President IBANS. “We have always tried to remain true to our founding principles of supporting our members and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members, both past and present, for their involvement.

IBANS has had an amazing journey but we are just getting started! 


2007 Video: Featuring some of IBANS now "Past President's" highlighting the value of using a broker.  



1949-1956 C.D. Fraser 1992-1993 Carmen Brown
1956-1959 W. Ritchie MacCoy 1993-1994 Randy MacEachern
1959-1960 Victor Blenus 1994-1995 Rodger Middleton
1960-1962 W.L. Chisholm 1995-1996 Kevin Umlah
1962-1964 Don MacIntosh 1996-1997 Richard M. Van Snick
1964-1965 MacCallum S. Grant 1997-1998 Bruce Lipsett
1965-1967 Stanley Brechin 1998-1999 Stewart Hay
1967-1970 Eric Hagen 1999-2000 Mike Brien / Matthew L. Trask
1970-1971 Gordon MacCoy 2000-2001 Matthew L. Trask
1971-1972 E. Barry Shearer 2001-2002 Jean Dugas
1972-1973 Peter J. Hope 2002-2003 Millie Pettigrew
1973-1974 W.A. MacEachern 2003-2004 Peter Fredericks
1974-1976 M.L. Trask 2004-2005 Jamie Reid
1976-1977 Kenneth Graham 2005-2006 Andrew Walker
1977-1978 Stuart MacLeod 2006-2007 Garry Stack
1978-1979 Tom Hebb 2007-2008 Greg Roach
1979-1980 S. Paul Zive 2008-2009 John Pino
1980-1981 George Fraser 2009-2010 Ken Myers
1981-1982 David Cosman 2010-2011 Carolyn James
1982-1983 Larry Davidson 2011-2012 Richard Bishop
1983-1984 Donald McDermaid 2012-2014 Sarah Amirault
1984-1985 James Balcom 2014-2015 Glenna Boudreau
1985-1986 J. Ronald Roach 2015-2016 Paul Croft
1986-1987 C. Lynn Speed 2016-2017 Cathie Robski
1987-1988 Joseph Davidson 2017-2019 Gina McFetridge
1988-1989 Phyllis Veinot 2019-2021 Darren Lipsett
1989-1990 Klaus Wuerr 2021-2022 Aneill MacCaull
1990-1991 Brad Kerr 2022-2023 Jennifer MacLeod
1991-1992 Rod Jones