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Canadian Certified Insurance Broker (CCIB)

The Canadian Certified Insurance Broker (CCIB) designation has become a coveted symbol of achievement among independent insurance brokers, recognized by the industry and by the public at large.

The CCIB designation is the highest awarded designation by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC), denoting a professional standard of excellence towards which all insurance brokers may strive. The CCIB sets a standard of quality to merit public recognition throughout Canada, and to ensure that the independent broker will continue to flourish.

The CCIB designation is awarded by IBANS, based upon criteria established by IBAC including that candidates must have at least five consecutive years of experience in the insurance industry and be an employee of an IBANS member brokerage in good standing.

There are three components to completion of this designation.

  • Essay style examination *
  • Short answer examination *
  • Survey examination (either oral or written)

**These are pre-requisites to challenge the survey examination.

There is no formal course of study (textbook) for this course as candidates are challenged on their practical knowledge of insurance.