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Online Exams - FAQ's

posted on June 17, 2020

What is an online exam?

An online exam is an exam you take on the computer. Instead of writing the answers on paper, you will type and submit them online.


Has the structure of the CAIB exams changed?

No, the structure remains the exact same - definitions, multiple choice, and short answer questions. It will look exactly like the paper exam, only online.


Is the exam now open book?

No, it is not an open book exam.


I struggle with exams and I have never taken an online exam, which makes me even more nervous.

That is very understandable. Things are changing constantly and this is another change to face. Firstly, you can review our webinar on alleviating exam anxiety for some easy tips to help you during the exam. The online platform designed by Captus Press has been in place for over 10 years and used by hundreds of students just like you who are challenging their CAIB exam. It is user friendly and the instructions are clear and precise. There is a toll free number provided to students in case there are technical difficulties.


When are the online exam dates?

There are no longer specific exam dates. Instead of IBANS telling students when they can write, students will decide the date.


Where do I take my online exam?

That is up to the student. Students may take their exam from work or at home.


Written exams were held from 9:00am-12:30pm, does this remain the same?

No, students now determine when they would like to write. Students can choose anytime between 11:00am-9:00pm, Monday-Friday. 


Does the time frame change?

No, you still have 3.5 hours to write your CAIB exam


Can I still take a written exam?

No, all CAIB exams will be moving online, therefore IBANS will no longer be offering written exams.



Can I write in the same room with others in my brokerage if we are challenging different exams?

No. Each student must have their own private online proctor and no one else is permitted in the room when you write your exam.


Are there safety protocols in place to maintain the integrity of the exam?

Yes. There are a number of protocols in place. Students will still need to show a government issued photo ID ( drivers license ), a typing test will be required and students must fully show the proctor their surroundings. Proctors have full view of students screens, so if I student was to open a separate window, the proctor would shut down the exam. More details on these specific protocols to follow.




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