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What's New > Proudly Presenting Our 2020 Aspire Award Nominees

Proudly Presenting Our 2020 Aspire Award Nominees

posted on February 28, 2020

We are pleased to present the 2020 Aspire Award nominees. Awards will be presented at The Westin Hotel in Halifax on April 1.To register for the evening, please click HERE


Emerging Professional

Jane Potter, Fairway Insurance

Stephen Zwicker, Salvatore Insurance Brokers

Matthew Summers, Archway Insurance

Christy Allen Mullen, Fairway Insurance

Melissa Companion, Archway Insurance

Kirsten Hopkins, Fairway Insurance


Commitment to Learning

Christy Allen Mullen, Fairway Insurance


Insurance Company Rep of the Year

Shawn Brockley, CAA

Dudley Landymore, Portage Mutual Insurance

Kara Whiston, Kings Mutual 

Denise Little, Kings Mutual


Above & Beyond Award

Sherry Reid, Archway Insurance

Donna Conrad, The Huestis Insurance Group

Deanne MacKenzie, Archway Insurance

Briagh Fergusson, ABC Insurance

Rhonda Kelly, Caldwell Roach

Kathryn Phillips, Salvatore Insurance Brokers

Kayla Savory, The Huestis Insurance Group

Penney Wheaton, Archway Insurance

Melissa White, MCT Insurance

Alissa Schaller, The Huestis Insurance Group

Stacie Silver, Archway Insurance

Melissa Companion, Archway Insurance

Erin Kinsman, MCT Insurance

Julie Robinson, Fairway Insurance

Matthew Robblee, Caldwell Roach

Kirsten Hopkins, Fairway Insurance

Cheryl Weisner, RIGL

Pamela Haight, Fairway Insurance


Lifetime Achievement Award

Karen Wardell, The Huestis Insurance Group

Paul Croft, AON

Wanda Purcell, MCT Insurance

Debbie Miller, The Huestis Insurance Group








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