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What's New > Proudly Presenting our 2019 Aspire Award Nominees

Proudly Presenting our 2019 Aspire Award Nominees

posted on March 1, 2019
Lifetime Achievement  
Alan Griffiths Fairway Insurance 
Dave Brown MCT Insurance
Steve McCleave MCT Insurance
Tom Anderson ABC Insurance
Insurance Company Representative  
Graham Breckon Aviva
Jeff Bower Economical Mutual
Jeff Cove Pembridge Insurance
Katie Wilson Day Economical Insurance
Lynn Hickey Pembridge Insurance
Lynne Gerhardt CAA Insurance
Shane Roney Trisura Guarantee
Emerging Professional  
Ashley Breen MCT Insurance
Dustin Hickey MCT Insurance
George Samara Cooke Insurance
Haley Anderson Flynn  ABC Insurance
Karen Ryan AA Murno
Kirsten Hopkins Fairway Insurance
Mark Anderson ABC Insurance
Matt Davison Contrast Insurance
Peter Aalders Founders Insurance Group
Rebecca Corkum Huestis Insurance 
Commitment to Learning  
Darlene Cleveland MCT Insurance
Ashley Burke (Beckwith) Stanhope Simpson Insurance
Above and Beyond  
Cheryl Pothier Archway Insurance
Cynthia Steadman MCT Insurance
James Mizzi ViewPoint Insurance
Joan Borden MCT Insurance
Kirsten Hopkins Fairway Insurance Services Inc.
Leslie Campbell Salvatore Insurance Brokers Ltd
Margaret Hadley MacLeod Lorway
Melissa White MCT
Michelle Winchester Fairway Insurance Services Inc
Rhonda Kelly Caldwell Roach Insurance
Sherry Reid Archway Insurance