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Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia

380 Bedford Highway
Halifax, Nova Scotia   B3M 2L4
Phone: 902-876-0526

For all general inquiries please contact

General inquiries for IBANS

The Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia (IBANS) does not sell insurance products.  For information regarding obtaining insurance coverage please contact an insurance broker.  To find a member broker please visit our Find a Broker page or contact IBANS to be directed to a broker in your community.

If you have an issue/ complaint regarding the actions of a broker, it is recommended that such disputes first be addressed to the relevant company management or Ombudsman.  If you do not receive an appropriate and acceptable response, we recommend contacting the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance.  To help them review your complaint please follow their complaints procedure.

Please be aware that IBANS is not responsible to settle insurance claims and has no authority to direct a particular action to be taken in settlement of a claim.


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