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Q&A - Business

Q. How do I find a broker to insure my business?
A. Most brokers provide business insurance. All brokers listed in our broker directory are members of a professional association. They have years of experience and are professionals that people rely on to protect their assets. The designations they hold, such as CCIB (Canadian Certified Insurance Broker), CAIB (Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker), and CPIB (Canadian Professional Insurance Broker) are an excellent indicator of their professionalism.

Q. What type of insurance do I need?
A. Your insurance broker is there to help and guide you on what insurance you require in order to protect your assets.The criteria will depend on the size of your operation, the scope of the products you have, and the risk that it poses to the public.

Q. What can I do to lower my insurance premiums?
A. There are a number of things you can do:

  1. Examine all your deductibles. Determine your ability to assume smaller losses.
  2. Lower liability risk by ensuring safe visitor and workplace conditions.
  3. Whether you run a single vehicle or a fleet, you could choose not to insure collision on vehicles that are older.
  4. Consider adding safety measures such as automated alarm systems, lighting, etc.
  5. Ask your broker to arrange a complete loss prevention survey to identify possible hazards and offer solutions to reduce exposures from injuries and fire to fraud and theft.