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posted on January 25, 2018

(Toronto – January 25, 2018) CSIO applauds the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance of Nova Scotia on becoming the first regulator in Canada to permit electronic proof of auto insurance (EPAI), or eSlips. A bulletin issued by the regulator earlier this month is a major milestone for the insurance industry in meeting consumer expectations for digital communications.

This announcement comes as CSIO makes final preparations to launch its industry-wide eDelivery solution, which will enable members to send digital policy documents and eSlips for personal and commercial lines to consumers. The eDelivery solution – available to CSIO members at no additional cost – meets the required guidelines and principles outlined in the Nova Scotia bulletin.

As documented in the eSlips Advisory Report prepared by law firm Fasken and published by CSIO in the fall of 2015, provincial insurance regulators have the authority to approve EPAI by issuing a bulletin. CSIO is optimistic that other jurisdictions will follow Nova Scotia in the coming weeks and months.

“Consumer desire for eSlips is widespread, so this recent bulletin from Nova Scotia is what many brokers and carriers have been waiting for,” says Catherine Smola, President and CEO of CSIO. “We look forward to similar announcements from other provincial regulators, and to bringing the full value of our eDelivery solution to consumers across Canada.”

The full Nova Scotia bulletin is available here: https://www.csio.com/sites/default/files/nova_scotia_bulletin-epai.pdf

Release of the eDelivery solution is expected in mid-February 2018. Visit www.csio.com/edelivery to learn more.


About the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance of Nova Scotia
The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance regulates the business of insurance in the province and enforces the Insurance Act. We license all insurers operating in the province and all insurance agents/brokers, agencies, and adjusters. The Superintendent’s Office is frequently sought out by the insured who often find it difficult to understand positions taken by the industry respecting such things as claims, premium ratings and underwriting decisions. Insurers and brokers call upon the office for interpretation of the Insurance Act and regulations. For more information, visit www.novascotia.ca.

About Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)
CSIO is Canada’s industry technology association of property and casualty insurers, software providers and over 36,000 brokers. CSIO is committed to improving the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions such as eDocs, eDelivery, and eSignatures. In addition, CSIO operates CSIOnet, a secure, industry-owned platform for the efficient exchange of policy information for the broker channel. CSIO maintains offices in Toronto and Montreal. For more information, visit www.csio.com.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Spiar | Broker Relations & Communications Specialist
110 Yonge Street, Suite 500 | Toronto, ON M5C 1T4
(416) 360-1773 x 2318 | 1 (800) 463-2746 x 2318
mspiar@csio.com | www.csio.com

posted on January 3, 2018

Winter Driving Tips

Halifax, NS –January 3, 2018 –  With the first winter storm of 2018 fast approaching, here are some tips to keep you prepared on the road. We all know that no one wants to be on the road during bad weather, but being prepared can make all the difference. 

  • Remove all ice and snow from your windshield, mirrors and side windows.
  • Check your wipers and washer fluid.
  • Make sure you have winter tires on your vehicle.
  • Check tire pressure regularly as this can be affected by cold temperatures.
  • Keep your gas tank topped up in case you get stuck in traffic.
  • Carry a blanket, shovel, snacks, flashlight, emergency kit, road salt/sand.
  • Check the forecast and don’t travel unless necessary during storms.
  • Remember to slow down and drive for the road conditions.
  • Tell someone where you are going and the route you are taking.
  • Keep your cell phone fully charged.


If you do become stranded:


  • Run the car for heat only 10 minutes at a time per hour to conserve gas.
  • Make sure the tailpipe isn’t blocked and keep your window open slightly.
  • Stay in your vehicle and turn on your emergency four way lights unless you can access help safely.



For further information please contact:

Gina McFetridge, President

Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia

380 Bedford Highway                                                                                                             

Halifax, NS  B3M 2L4

(902) 876-0526

Twitter: @Insurancens

posted on November 27, 2017

Brokers are frustrated with confusing wordings and are threatening to drop carriers.  IBANS President, Gina McFetridge noted that "there is a great concern over the potential for E&O where overland flood is an optional coverage.  To learn more click here.

posted on November 24, 2017

Nova Scotia motorists will probably get permission early next year to present electronic proof of auto insurance without having to carry paper pink slips. Click here to read more from the latest article by Canadian Underwriter.

posted on November 23, 2017

IBANS is pleased to announce their endorsement of CSIO's eDelivery Solution.  A copy of the press release issued by CSIO may be obtained by clicking here.

posted on October 1, 2017

The Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia, along with other provincial associations share their voice over concerns with the proposed tax changes for small businesses. Click here to learn more.

posted on August 31, 2017

With recent events in the southern United States related to weather the Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia would like to suggest ways homeowners can be prepared for our upcoming hurricane season. For details click here.

posted on June 9, 2017

The Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia are in support of insurance companies aligning their policies to protect innocent co-insureds.  Click here to see more.

posted on March 15, 2017

There have been increases in distracted driving across the country and IBANS agrees that a national standard may help deter these behaviors. Click here to view coverage in Canadian Insurance Top Broker Magazine.

posted on October 14, 2016

Linda Meldrum, member of IBANS speaks about the flooding crisis in Cape Breton.



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